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Research and development

It is a fundamental aim for Volda University College (VUC) to produce high quality research and furthermore offer research based education. VUC is divided into four faculties and has around 200 academic staff.


The Research & Development Commitee
The R&D Committee at VUC is responsible for the strategic development of R&D activities. Members of the committee are the assistant principal of VUC, the deans of the four faculties, a representative from Møreforsking, a student representative and the Research Department. Other important tasks for the committee are organizing research training, recruitment of researchers, allocating research scholarships and research leaves.

Research aims
The R&D committee has set the following research aims for Volda University College for the coming years:

  • Develop special expertise in the fields of existing and planned master's degree programmes and doctoral degree programmes
  • Strengthen research within professional education programmes
  • Nynorsk (New Norwegian) language and culture is important for the R&D activity
  • Develop R&D activity contributing to regional development and regional policies
  • Cooperate with Møreforsking in developing common research activity
  • The academic staff has a high research activity. The research results are published and disseminated - nationally and internationally. 
  • Bachelor and master students are given opportunities to participate in R&D projects.

Focus areas of research

  • Welfare research
  • The meeting of cultures
  • Journalism and media
  • Educational research