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Norwegian Course

One-Year Study in Norwegian Language and Civilization for International Students.

This one-year course aims to give students the knowledge and skills necessary for studies at Norwegian colleges and universities. The emphasis is on giving students good general proficiency in the Norwegian language. The course also aims to help students adapt to the Norwegian society.

The Norwegian course is at undergraduate level and is split in two courses of 30 ECTS credits each (a total of 60 ECTS). See more information in the Programme description and course descriptions for NIS101 (autumn) and NIS102 (spring).

Who can apply
The main target group is students arriving in Norway as part of bi- and multilateral programmes. 

How to apply

1. You must make sure that you meet the academic requirements and English language requirements for admission to university-level education in Norway.

2. You must submit an application in our on-line application system 'Søknadsweb'.
The application portal opens 1st December 2017 and first time applicants must register their profile in Søknadsweb.

Detailed information about the admission procedure will be published once the application portal has opened.

Note: If you are already studying Norwegian language at one of our partner universities abroad, can apply to the second half of the Norwegian course (NIS 102) as an exchange student. See admission process for exchange students.

Deadline for applications is 1st March 2018 (admission opens in December 2017).