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Timothy Andrew Saunders

Timothy Andrew Saunders

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T: +4770075288
Kontor: BK 214
W: www.timothysaunders.org



Akademisk grad/Academic degree:

Førsteamanuensis i engelsk litteratur og kultur / Lecturer in English Literature and Culture


PhD in Classics from the University of Bristol
  • Årstall og tittel på avhandling / Year and title of thesis:
    2001 - Recovering the Ground: Virgil’s Eclogues and the Environmental Literary Tradition

Hovudfag/Master degree:

MA in Classical Literature and Civilisation

Forsking / Research:

My main areas of interest are the classical literatures of ancient Greece and Rome, the classical tradition in modern European literature, nature writing, and the practical challenges and philosophical issues raised by considerations of literary form.

I am currently working on a study of the evocation of classical mythology and literature in William Shakespeare's The Tempest.

I am also involved in the development of three online teaching resources for students at the BA and MA levels:

1. Literary Criticism Online Resource (LiCOR)

Funded by Norgesuniversitetet (2015-2017), this resource will offer interactive and practical guidance on how to interpret works of literature from the English-speaking world. In its preliminary phase, it will consist of four modules and provide specific advice on how to make sense of drama, poetry, narrative and more general aspects of literary style. I am working on this project with my Volda colleague Svenn-Arve Myklebost.

2. Academic Writing and Presenting in English (AWPE)

Funded by the international office at Volda University College (2016-2017), this resource will offer interactive and practical guidance on how to write essays and make oral presentations in English that conform to the conventions of academic writing and presenting in the English-speaking world. I am working on this project with my Volda colleague Kjetil Myskja.

3. Bank of English Teaching Resources (BETR)

The purpose of this resource, which will be the work of every member of the English section at Volda, is to act as a repository for useful teaching materials related to all English-related disciplines offered at the college: didactics, language, and culture. My own task is to contribute to the culture part of the resource.


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Articles and book chapters

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Encylopedia Entries and Short Notes

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Book Reviews

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Academic Referee

I have acted as an academic referee for Cambridge University Press (UK), Classical Journal (USA), Colloquy (Australia), Latomus (Belgium), Symbolae Osloenses (Norway) and Transactions of the American Philological Association (USA)




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