«Kunnskap for framtida»
Studiebygda Volda


Fra: 31. mars 2017 11:30

Til: 31. mars 2017 12:15

Stad: Biblioteket

Archaeologist Socrates S. Koursoumis from the Ephorate of Antiquities of Corinthia at the Hellenic Ministry of Culture & Sports presents: THE APOSTLE PAUL IN CORINTH: Old and new narratives on religious ethics and groups in Roman Greece.



The lecture on Paul’s presence in the Greek mainland, by focusing on the Roman city of Corinth, will attempt to explore the relation of the city to one of the most important figures of the Apostolic Age. We will examine historical data associated with the early Christian community and the existence of a flourishing Jewish community which Paul initially addressed, as well as remains which came to light from archaeological excavations. Furthermore, we will attempt to provide persuasive answers to questions regarding the significant delay in Corinth in adopting the customs and practices of the new religion. 

The lecture is organized in collaboration with the Organization for Greek-Norwegian Cooperation in Culture and Humanities.

Serving of coffee, tea and “sveler”.



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